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Rainbow Pillar Candle

Rainbow Pillar Candle

All candles are handmade to order, you will receive an email notifying you when your candle is ready and out for delivery.

It's time to give back to our NHS. I will be donating £2 from every sale of a Rainbow Pillar candle to the NHS, we are so lucky to have such an amazing NHS and I wanted to take this opportunity to show our appreciation for everything they do.

Height: 15cm
Width: 5cm
Approx weight: 250g

Handmade with unscented soy wax.

You might want a pillar candle for decoration, but we highly encourage you to burn them. If you do, please place on a heatproof dish to collect the wax and do not leave unattended.

Do not leave in direct sunlight or near heat, as this can cause the candle to discolour.